Are you new to yoga?

WARNING! Managing your wellbeing may result in a decrease in stress and anxiety levels.

You may find you sleep better; your moods improve and your overall outlook on life may be brighter. But don’t take our word for it.

Our founder, Dr Yvonne Davies is a contributing author for BUPA and has written articles on the benefits and different types of yoga.

Five Reasons To Take Up Yoga by Dr Yvonne Davies

Which Yoga Type is Best For? You by Dr Yvonne Davies

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Yoga Warrior is based in Scotland and offers yoga classes in South Lanarkshire.

Dr Yvonne Davies runs workshops and retreats in the UK and Europe.

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Do you struggle to fit in a regular yoga practice or manage your wellbeing?

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Yoga Warrior Online is created for business people who want to be in control of their own wellbeing and fit it around their busy schedule.

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What we do


Yoga Warrior offers Forrest Yoga, Aerial Yoga & Hatha Yoga Classes in South Lanarkshire. There are limited mats available if you don’t have your own. Bring along a blanket for your relaxation. It is also best not to eat a heavy meal up to 2 hours prior to attending your class and wear loose clothing. Prior to attending any of the classes we require you to contact us directly so that we can discuss any health concerns you may have. We also recommend you consult with your Doctor before attending any class.

Forrest Yoga was created by US yogi Ana Forrest. It is a fantastic, intense practice which can help you to cleanse and release tension from the body and draw your attention inwards. We will ignite the fire within your body with Forrest Yoga Abs and use the yoga postures to release tension from your neck and shoulders as well as building muscle strength.

These classes are suitable for beginners as several options to postures will be given. Props are essential in Forrest Yoga and some props will be available. If you have a block, strap and rolled up bath towel or blanket please bring these along. Yvonne runs a Forrest Yoga Class on a Thursday morning at 10.30 am to 11.30 am at St Brides Centre, Douglas.

Aerial Yoga incorporates the use of an Aerial Hammock. Yoga Warrior uses Aerial Silks as they provide optimum performance for the user. The yoga hammock provides support to your body in each pose so although Aerial Yoga can be challenging you can use the hammock to support you as much as you need. We also do inversions in the hammocks which allows your neck and spine to decompress.

Yvonne runs an Aerial Yoga class on a Tuesday evening at Wiston Village Hall at 7pm to 8 pm and booking is essential. Please wear long sleeved top and remove all jewellery.

Hatha Yoga is a gentle practice and is suitable for beginners and is fantastic for improving your breathing, strengthening your joints and improving your overall well being. Yvonne will lead you through your poses with long holds and breath work to help build strength into your muscles and joints. There is also a 20 minute relaxation incorporated into this class that will leave you feeling blissfully restored.

Join Yvonne at St Brides Centre, Douglas on a Wednesday evening 730 to 9 pm for hatha.


Yoga Warrior offers workshops and day retreats in Scotland and in the UK.

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Join us in our annual Yoga Warrior Holiday in Spain, 5th to 10th October 2019. For more details click here

Yoga Online

Designed for business people, Yoga Warrior Online offers you the choice of doing your yoga, meditation and relaxation at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Class Schedule:

Tuesday 10 am – 11 am: Forrest Yoga For Retirees, Auchlochan Garden Village, Lesmahagow

Tuesday 7 pm – 8 pm: Aerial Yoga, Wiston Village Hall, Wiston, Biggar

Wednesday 730 pm to 9 pm: Hatha Yoga, St Brides Community Centre, Douglas

Thursday 10.30 am to 11.30 am: Forrest Yoga, St Brides Community Centre, Douglas


Yoga Warrior Reset Day Retreat, Sunday 19th May, Wiston Village Hall, Wiston, Biggar.

Treat yourself to a day of blissful yoga.

We will start the day off with Forrest Yoga including a Native American Ceremony of Calling in the Four Directions with chanting and drumming followed by a powerful Forrest Yoga backbend practice that will lift your spirit!

We will have a nourishing light soup made by me and nourishing freshly made breads and scones from The Post Office Bakery.

After your lunch break you will experience a playful aerial yoga session followed by blissful Yoga Nidra relaxation.

We will end your retreat with a gentle hatha practice with meditation.

You will also have a choice of Doterra Oils to use during each practice.

Investment for yourself is £70, pre-booking is essential due to limited spaces

To book contact me or book through the website www.yogawarrior.co.uk


We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at Stand V2a at the UK’s leading Yoga event. Come join us at Event City Manchester on 11th and 12th May!

Yvonne will be teaching at the following times:

Saturday 11th May:

10.30 to 11.00: Twist and Shout @ Yoga Studio Open Class

14.30 to 15.00: Stand In Your Power @ Warrior Open Class

Sunday 12th May:

11.30 to 12.30: Twist and Shout @Warrior Open Class


You can contact us on 0141 538 0021 or click here to email.

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