Yoga Holiday Spain 5th to 10th October 2019

For the third year running, Yoga Warrior will be holding the yoga holiday at The Hacienda Retreat, Granada, Spain.

The Yoga Warrior Holiday will be jam packed with yoga, meditation, relaxation, excursions, sun bathing, swimming in the huge pool and walking in the 5 acres of Hacienda’s private grounds.

After landing in Malaga, we will kick off our holiday by stopping off for lunch in Montefrio before heading to the Hacienda Retreat.**

No two days will be the same on the holiday but here is a guide for what you can expect:

  1. start your day off with an awakening yoga and meditation practice
  2. a nourishing, freshly prepared vegetarian brunch made from locally sourced ingredients
  3. sunbathing followed by yoga class or workshop
  4. freshly made cake
  5. chill time
  6. a nourishing, freshly prepared vegetarian dinner made from locally sourced ingredients with the option of adding a bottle of wine or beer**
  7. Restorative evening yoga

In addition to the above, there will also be the option to either relax by the pool at The Hacienda Resort or visit the palaces and Alhambras in Granada and try local delicacies

Prices include accommodation, food at Hacienda, yoga classes, transfer to Granada for day trip and airport transfers if you fly on same flight** as the group.

**Price does not include flights, alcohol or lunch at Montefrio or Granada

20 % non-refundable deposit required to book your place.

  • Single en-suite room £1100.00
  • Twin en-suite room £980.00
  • Single room with shared bathroom £890.00
  • Shared room with shared bathroom £840.00
  • Triple room with shared bathroom £820.00