We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting Forrest Yoga Guardian, Sinhee McCabe on her first visit to Scotland!

Forrest Yoga is an intense and deeply therapeutic practice. Sinhee has been actively working as Forrest Yoga Guardian teacher since 2007. Her teaching and mission has been evolving through changes in life and mending the hoop of the people. Sinhee has insightful knowledge of Anatomy and Bodywork. Sinhee offers vast knowledge in healing injuries from repetitive motions from yoga practice and daily life. She is currently teaching in South Korea and expanding her teaching around the world. Walk in beauty!

The weekend will consist of 4 workshops:

Saturday 2nd November 2019

10 am to 12.15 pm: Neck, Shoulders and Spine Connection Arm Balance Workshop

Learn how to unlock tension in your back and neck muscles which will give you much more freedom of movement in your spine allowing for an increase in core function. We will practice pelvis movements and abdominal connection. Key muscles such as Serrates Anterior, upper abs and lower abs will be fired up and with active hands your body will become light.

14.30 pm to 16.45 pm: Heal Your Heart Backbend Workshop

Come home, stop chasing and instead be with your breath and heart space to heal. Healing is not fixing, changing your body and mind. It is learning to be with your body and mind with a greater awareness so you move and make decisions that supports you in a healthy and loving way.
Experience Classic Forrest Yoga Healing Back bend sequences and feel spacious in your body and nourished in heart.

Sunday 3rd November 2019

10 am to 12.15 pm: Core Connection Inversion Workshop

We will explore Hips, Abdominals and Legs coordination’s to increase Core function.
There will be poses at different stages of building core functions for inversions.
We will give ourselves the opportunity to enjoy the part we can with practice vs. what must happen in our expectation. That is much more fun.

14.30 pm to 16.45 pm: Hip Hip Hooray Workshop

We will learn space between Hips, Abdominals and Legs in Pelvis.
Learn Forrest Yoga Leg Traction movement to create space in hips and legs. I will take you through demos of how pelvis functions in relation to spine and legs can maximize traction and allow for balanced hips.

Investment £270 plus Eventbrite booking fee